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This blog post is a continuation of our email Seminar series, specifically for those who just don’t want to wait.


Okay, it is important you read till the end 🙂


Remember how in our last email, we’ve talked about all this modern technology:

  • Artificial Intelligence (Will sort out the Applications)
  • Specifically Targeted Advertisements (Target Teachers you like, and from whatever country you want)
  • API Personalized List of Active Users (List of Verified Teachers with Experience)
  • DATA Analysis (Analyzed List of Teachers Ready to Depart)
  • Secure Cloud Technology (Secure Personal Information)
  • Search Engine Keyword Optimization (You Job Post will Get an Organic Traffic)
  • More Performance Metrics Then Ever (Keep an eye on how your advertisement is doing)


Basically, out of all 7 technologies we have managed to get the first 6 and pack it nicely in this website, you’re on right now!

You may have heard from us before, but we’ve gone a long way 🙂

What we do is very special, and we will provide you a custom approach, helping your job offer to take advantage of all the 6 techs we’ve got so far.


And finally, if you are looking for ESL teachers today for a new season, make sure to check out different packages we’ve got here.


We have both “Old School Ads” that you can place on the platform (Simple Packages)

But Also we have “Supercharged Ads” that use modern technology to target Teachers YOU want!



Here’s a list of all our packages.


Also out of all the packages, this encompasses all of the 6 techs:

Hi-Tech Package


And as a bonus here’s a free list of ESL Websites where you can post your adverts!


Hope to see you as our Employer at


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