Teacher and $4 million a Year

 South Korean Rock-Star English Teacher

About 4 years ago there was a booming story of one South Korean English teacher who was earning around $4 million a year. He is known as a rock-star teacher, famous across an entire nation, and thousands of parents are ready to pay up for the classes he has.


In our day and age with the help of modern technologies it is possible, that allow certain jobs, to be shared or performed to many people at different locations at the same time. This teacher’s name is Kim Ki-hoon. He has been working as teacher for over 20 years in the country’s private, after-school tutoring.


Now some people may think, “Oh well, good for him, what about me? I also want to earn millions!” Well, one of the ways is to go abroad, to South Korea (just as an example). And right there on the spot, any Private Academy, is going to hire you and pay you 2 million ….. Korean Won a month. That is around $2000 a month, give or take. Sorry, but no one will pay you millions of USD at the beginning, unless you’re an exception, of course.


Now, being serious, I want to add that the hype of English tutoring is as high as it’s never been before. Academies all around the world are looking for English TEFL or TESOL certified teachers. In some countries they don’t even ask for certificates (but that’s another story, for another day). English Teachers are in demand, and that is what’s important.

Conquering the World

The beauty of teaching abroad is that you are not dependent on your country’s economy. You will not be afraid of the layoffs or other unexpected turnouts that do sometimes happen in people’s lives. Plus as a bonus point, you could travel a lot, in the country you’re teaching in or the ones bordering with it.


Teaching as a job, has been slowly shifting from it’s orthodox form into something different. This trend has been appearing in most counties. It’s important to note that this shift is surely for the better, because it is changing the typical picture of a teacher standing there at the black board, and lecturing to students who do not care, and in some cases don’t even respect that teacher.


The shift is clearly seen in Finland, where being a teacher means a lot, and it is a very respectful profession that besides a great salary, even gives you a high social status.


Now, whether you are considering teaching as your career path or just as an experience, it is a great opportunity to go pretty much anywhere in the world, whether its South America, East Asia or Middle East.

For those who plan to become a professional ESL or EFL teacher, it is crucial to get as much experience early on as you can. Take advantage of the opportunities that are out there! Because teaching is a form of art that comes to perfection class after class.

There’s always a way around

If you feel that traveling, going overseas, or teaching in person is not for you… Then use Internet to your advantage. Surely it is for your good to have prior experience before engaging in Internet activities.

Most good parents seek only the best for their children, they seek for brilliant, super talented teachers. And trust me, when they find such a teacher, a tutor or somebody who gives it all to make sure his or her students learn and apply what they’ve learned, parents do not care about the price.

Who knows maybe it is you, who will earn that $4 million next year. Anyhow it is a process, that a person has to go through. Just like Kim Ki–hoon, his way up the ladder lasted for 20 years.

Now, if it’s not for the money, then just do it for your fun and enjoyment. Because it is never too late, and if you still think you are, then it is better late than never.


 $4 million Teacher
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About 4 years ago there was a booming story of one South Korean English teacher who was earning around $4 million a year. He is known as a rock-star teacher, famous across an entire....

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