Benefits of Teaching English Abroad in 21 Century

World is now a big global village. Means of transportation and communication have brought the peoples of world nearer to each other as never before.

In order to interact and benefit from increasing commerce and cultural contact, English has steadily emerged as the international link language.  There is now greater necessity of learning English than ever. This is necessary for international travel and business.

In view of the above, teaching of English is now one of the major avocations of foreign tutors. English native teachers are in great demand to teach non-native speakers of English language.

Getting Started

If you are thinking of entering into this profession, then it will bring you many other wonderful things. One of the main benefits of teaching English abroad is international travel. For many people who love traveling and want to see other people and their cultures, this provides an excellent opportunity to turn one’s dreams into reality.

There are numerous anecdotes and stories from people on their return from abroad after years of teaching. These range from their interaction with local populations, their cultures, economies and beliefs.

In addition to enjoying paid world travel, this profession is also one of the top paying jobs. These also provide free lodging and boarding. Another advantage is that these have minimal tax implications, depending on where you’re from.

You get the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives. Teaching English abroad does not only give you the chance to make a decent living, but also gives you that chance to help others create a better future for themselves by learning the language that has global recognition. Learners can get employed in English speaking countries or be able to handle business deals with international partners in their own countries. This leads to a greater international understanding of cultures and a greater synthesis. People become more open minded and appreciative of each other and their skills.

With a higher number of populations that speaks English as their second language, there is higher migration of workers across different continents. We know that there are manpower and labour shortages in many industrialized nations of the world. With more English speaking people, they may be able to attract more foreign worker an thus help their economies.

What do you gain?

You gain international work experience to improve your resume. International professional experience has become crucial in nearly all sectors. When you have experience internationally it goes to show your initiative and willingness to get off comfort zone and try out new things, and this is always a valuable trait to most employers. The teaching offers the chance to take your professional endeavours higher even after getting back to your home country.

Teachers act like ambassadors of their countries. They can spread their own cultures and messages across the world. From the above we can see that apart from bringing in monetary and non-monetary benefits to English tutors, they also help in bridging geographical and cultural gaps.

Nothing is all that fluffy…

Two basic qualifications for teaching English abroad are an undergraduate degree and TESL (Teaching English as a Secondary Language) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate form a renowned international institute.

In order to teach TESL or TEFL, there are numerous online sites. One has to consider the quality of courses, their length, contents, fees and above all international recognition.

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