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Classroom Leadership. Roman Army Style.

Every teacher in a classroom is a leader by default. I have found only three reasons, there may be more, why teachers are leaders in a classroom by default. First is the fact that teachers or lecturers have this rank of authority they source from their position as a superior, someone who is in charge.

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Posting Job Offers is FREE!

Over the years we’ve had multiple requests from registered employers to make a change in our pricing policy. Upon deliberate consideration we have come to a unanimous agreement on the matter. I’d like to make an announcement that beginning from December 9th, all employers can enjoy the right to post for free! This free post

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Modern Tech at Jobspot ESL

This blog post is a continuation of our email Seminar series, specifically for those who just don’t want to wait.   Okay, it is important you read till the end 🙂   Remember how in our last email, we’ve talked about all this modern technology: Artificial Intelligence (Will sort out the Applications) Specifically Targeted Advertisements (Target

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Announcement! Now You Can Post Your Articles Here!

Post an article here on Jobspot ESL Blog and become a member of our creators team. Teachers are welcome to become our Blog editors, writing about their experience. We are still a small community, but we strive to help each other a lot.   Getting started is simple. Once you’ve created your account, all you have

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The Four Jobs You Can Find ABROAD

When I was 22 my interest about traveling abroad has reached its Tipping Point and I moved to Poland to teach English.   I have spent three years’ prior putting my bachelor’s degree in journalism to go to use building the beginnings of a career in the world of public affairs.   I thoroughly enjoyed

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language learning

5 Ways to Learn a Language in a Foreign Country

Mastering a new language is one of those things that many of us really want to achieve at some point of their life, regardless of where they are in their life. Indeed, this topic is becoming more popular, and is an amazing addition to any CV or just a great way to be more knowledgeable

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7 Things to Do When Dating a Foreigner

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.  I’ve traveled to over 22 countries in the past 4 years; it’s not an ideal situation if you are shooting for a long term relationship. Dating with foreign men is one of the most interesting experiences overseas that I had. The idea of becoming fully involved with somebody who

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Teaching English Online?

How and where to start Teaching English Online When you first start thinking about how to teach English online, you have to consider whether you will teach for an online school, tutoring service, or manage your own business and website. If you decide to teach at an online school, you need to get through the

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Training Teachers

Why Training Teachers

It all starts somewhere… Parents always want their kids to attend the best schools that their money can possibly afford. Some parents even take out a loan from the bank just to finance the schooling of their kids. It is not the name of the school that they are after but the quality of education

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Find a Teaching Job Abroad

Everyday thousands of teachers are looking for great opportunities abroad. Jobspot ESL, provides an easy-to-use platform for finding and applying for job opportunities all over the globe!

Recruit Teachers

Here you can be sure that your Job Offer is seen by actual teachers, young professionals and people highly interested in teaching abroad.

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